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Phase 1 - Pay Salaries

This phase is the first in every turn, where each Superpower pays their bills for the up coming turn.


At the end of each turn, default orders are generated for each Superpower. If a Superpower does not have enough cash available to pay all their outgoings, the following order will be used to decide what is paid:

 - Loan Interest
 - One army/navy per territory
 - Remaining forces
 - Companies
Bank Statement
    • Initial Cash** From the previous turn
    • Income** This is calculated as 200 for each Superpower territories, and 100 for other territories.
    • Take bond** The option to take your bond. Each Superpower has a bond at the start of the game, which can be cashed in from Turn 3 onwards which has a value of 500 + 500*Turn number. e.g. if cashed in turn 4 it is worth 2500.
    • Repay Loan** Loan capital to repay.
    • Pay Interest** The amount of outstanding interest to pay. Calculated using the loan amount at the end of the previous turn.
Pay Troops

Each force (army, navy or tank) costs $10 million to maintain. If you fail to maintain a force it will be removed from the board.

Pay Companies

Paying a company costs $50 million, and allows you to receive its produce for that year, if it is not blockaded and you are not under siege. Non-payment to a company means that the produce will not be collected. If you have resource level 1 or above, you will receive bonus resources when you submit your orders to the same as your level or each resource where you pay one or more companies. If a company was closed in the previous turn, or has been damaged by fortuna then the company may cost extra to re-start depending on the setting in the game parameters.

Phase selection (Phase 2)

This allows each player to choose which phases they will participate in during the rest of the phase, as detailed in the game parameters section.

Each player is set to participate in Build then Sell and Buy as default.

If any players have paid to influence the order of phase selection, the UN will produce a corruption report that details the cash that has exchanged hands.

Boomer movement

This allows a player to load nukes and neutron bombs onto boomers, and move them to any water territory on the board. If a boomer starts the phase in a home port, i.e. a sea attached to a home territory then nukes and/or neutron bombs may be loaded onto it. If a boomer is moved to a territory that is owned by the Superpower, they may choose to keep it visible, otherwise it will dive and be invisible to all other Superpowers. These boomers can then attack any navies or companies above using a boomer ambush.