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Phase 3 - Sell

This phase allows you to sell any of your resources to the market at the current market price, or sell resources, technologies, strategic weapons or storage to another Superpower. Trades must be made for cash.

Market transactions are processed immediately, as are zero value sale transactions to other Superpowers. So, if a Superpower is are making a non-cash transaction with another Superpower (e.g. giving a technology away) this will be processed immediately.

If a Superpower requires cash for a transaction with another Superpower, a message will be sent to them asking for their acceptance, and they can accept or reject the transaction as they desire. Deadlines are not extended for this, so an offer the transaction and acceptance must occur before the deadline passes to avoid being force passed. If an offer is rejected, the current Superpower's go remains valid, but the offer is removed from the table.

It is possible to force pass while a offer is pending.

When selling technology levels, your level does not decrease, the technology is "copied" to the buying Superpower.

Sales between the Market and a Superpower are visible to all Superpower, sales between two Superpowers are private.