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Phase 6 - Buy

This phase allows you to either buy from the market or another Superpower. Trades must be made for cash.

Up to 20 minerals, oil and grain can be purchased from the market at the current market price.When a If you are purchasing from the market You may buy up to twenty resources at the current market price. These transactions are processed immediately.

If a transactions between Superpowers is required a request may be made for a transaction to purchase one of any resource, storage, technology or strategic weapon. The Superpower receiving the offer can then either Accept or Reject the offer via a link in the notification message. If the Superpower accepts the offer, the resource cards of both powers are adjusted accordingly, and the phase moves along. If the Superpower rejects the offer or does not have the available resources to accept the offer, a message will be sent to the offering Superpower, and they may amend the offer as many times as is necessary until an offer is accepted.

It is possible to force pass while a offer is pending.

When selling technology levels, your level does not decrease, the technology is "copied" to the buying Superpower.

Sales between the Market and a Superpower are visible to all Superpower, sales between two Superpowers are private.