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Phase 5 - Build and research

In this phase a Superpower decides what military spending will occur, i.e. on new technology and forces. All Superpowers orders are resolved at the same time, and only one build phase happens per turn.

Resarch Budget

There are four research areas for a Superpower to research. To participate in research a Superpower must assign an amount to spend on the research and a new level of technology to aim for. The screen will display the chance of getting the advance. WARNING: If you select an advance level of 0, and a budget greater than 0, you will simply lose this expenditure.

Researching percentages

The formula for calculating the percentage chance of achieving is:


Research type Multiplier Maximum level Benefits
Strategic 4000 5 Allows building strategic weapons, more L-Star slots
Armies 3000 5 Allows building tanks, more dice in combat, more moves or attacks with Navies technology
Navies 3000 5 Allows building boomers, more dice in combat, more moves or attacks with Armies technology
Resource 2500 5 Allows building storage, produce more resources
Espionage 2500 20 Allows different types of communication, allows spying on other Superpowers
Build Storage

This allows a Superpower to add to the maximum number of each resource that can be stored, up to 36. The maximum nubmer of storage slots that can be built for each resource is the same as the Resource technology level. Each storage expansion unit costs 150.

Strategic budget

This section allows you to purchase strategic weapons. Nukes and neutron bombs cost 500 and 1 mineral each. You may only build up to 12 nukes in the entire game. L-Stars and K-Sats cost 1000 and 2 minerals each.

Build troops

The section allows a Superpower to build new forces, i.e. Armies, navies, tanks and boomers. Forces are built by selecting the number of forces to build in the row of the territory you want to build them in. You may build in any friendly land or sea territory with a friendly port, or any neutral sea territory where there are no other occupied (by hostile or neutral forces) ports.

Each Superpower can build to a maximum of 5 Tanks, 5 Boomers. The number of armies and navies is limited to than 3 times their maximum grain storage.

Each army or navy cost 100, and it costs 1 set of resources for up to 3 units, e.g. 3 armies cost 1 set, 4 armies cost 2 sets. Each tank costs 500 and 1 set of resources. Each boomer costs 1000 and 1 set of resources. Nukes and neutron bombs to go onto boomers must be purchased under the strategic section as normal, these are them loaded onto the boomers in phase 1.

Unit $million minerals oil grain max
Army 100 1/3 1/3 1/3 *
Navy 100 1/3 1/3 1/3 *
Tank 500 1 1 1 5
Boomer 1000 1 1 1 5
Nuke 500 1 0 0 12**
N-Bomb 500 1 0 0 12
L-Star 1000 2 0 0 12
K-Sat 1000 2 0 0 12

* The total number of Armies and navies cannot exceed 3 times your grain silo count eg at the start of the game you have 12 grain silos which allows you to build up to a total of 36 armies and navies.

** Each Nuke costs one of your "nuclear material" points. Each player starts with 12 - once they are gone they are gone and no more nukes can be built.