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Nuked and neutroned territories

When a territories is hit by either a nuke or a neutron bomb it is effectively removed from the game.

Both nuclear and neutron strikes can cause Nuclear Winters, depending on the game parameter settings. When there are more than twelve of these territories then Nuclear Winter becomes a possibility.

A hit by a nuke will destroy all forces and companies in that territory. A hit by a neutron bomb will destroy all visible boomers and up to 6 more forces, but leave companies intact. Land destroyed like this can be re-captured. Sea territories will revert to normal in the next Phase 1 - Pay Salaries.

Nuked territories can be recovered by a superpower with strategic tech level 5 attacking them - this is treated as an attack in terms of resource usage, but no forces will be lost.

Neutroned territories can be recovered (with any troops/companies left in them) by the Superpower that bombed them in the redeploy of the same attack, or by attacking them subsequently - with appropriate resource costs. Other superpowers with strategic tech level 5 can also recover neutroned territories. No forces will be lost attacking a neutroned territory.

Last gasp redeploy

If a superpowers home territories are all occupied/nuked/neutroned and the superpower has strategic tech level 5, they can redeploy into a nuked or neutroned territory to keep them in the game - normal redeploy resource costs still need to be paid.