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Phase 4 - Move and attack

Phase 4 is the main phase of the game, where all the action happens. There are 4 possible sub-phases to Move and attack:

1st orders

Where the Superpower decided on his first move or attack

Extra move/attack

Where a Superpower who are reached level 2 or more in both Armies and Navies technology gets multiple moves and attacks, one each for the lowest level or these technologies researched.


This occurs after an attack. Both the attacker and defender get a redeploy, if an attacker has failed to take a territory but managed to remove all defending forces they can take the attacked territory in this stage only. Otherwise this can be any standard movement order.

    • There is one exception to this** - if a Superpower has no home territories left, and one or more of them have been Nuked or Neutroned, and the Superpower has Strategic Tech level 5 they may retaliate against one of the Nuked or neutroned home territories.

This occurs after an attack, where the defender can make a revenge attack against the attacker, which can be any standard attack order. Both attacker and defender get an extra redeploy if a retaliation attack is made.


There are several different types of orders, but they all have some common functionality. Resource costs will be calculated and displayed in the window for all movement/attack orders. As Superpowers increase army and navy technology movement costs will decrease. Drop downs can be used to select all valid territories.

Movement orders

 * March
 * Fly
 * Sail
 * Transport

Conventional attacks

 * Ground assault
 * Naval assault
 * Aerial assault
 * Amphibious assault
 * Coastal Bombardment, Land to Sea or Sea to Land
 * Boomer ambush

Strategic attacks

 * Launch boomer warheads
 * Space Blast
 * Warhead strike
 * Satellite Offensive

Movement orders will move your troops from one territory to another, where an attack is not necessary. A conventional attack is a friendly move (or not), followed by moving them into an adjacent territory owned by another Superpower, Warlord or Pirate. If you choose to attack, this will result in either combat against troops or a strategic attack.