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This panel shows the your resource card, and can be used to view the resource cards of other Superpowers that you have enough Espionage advantage over to see.

The resources panel shows information as follows:

Total funds Cash available to spend.
Loan Amount of cash borrowed from the bank.
Outstanding interest Interest charged by the bank on a loan.
Minerals Number of available mineral units. Minerals are used to build troops and strategic weapons.
Oil Number of available oil units. Oil is used to build and move troops.
Grain Number of available grain units. Grain is used to build troops and move armies.
Nukes Number of nuclear weapons available. These are used to destroy a territory.
Nuclear material Amount of nuclear material available for conversion into Nukes.
L-Stars Number of defensive satellites, which can be used to shoot down Nukes and Neutron Bombs.
K-Sats Number of Killer satellites, which can be used to shoot down L-Stars.
Neutron Bombs Number of neutron bombs available. These can be used to take over a territory, preserving companies (NOT troops) for the attacking power to move into.
Technologies Level of various technologies achieved, further descriptions of these are in Build.

Minerals, Oil and Grain storage cannot be increased above 36.