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Phase 0 - Setup

This phase is the first in every game, and allows each Superpower to place initial resources and forces before the game proper begins.

Initial set up

Once enough players have registered for a new game, each player is assigned a random superpower, and 6 random companies. If a player is assigned a company in a neutral territory that territory becomes theirs. Navies are placed in seas next to territories where no other Superpower has immediate access, i.e. where a build is possible. All players receive 3 of each type of resource (minerals, oil and grain) and $7,000 million.

Random company assignments

Players Home companies Neutral companies
to 6 3 3
8 4 2
9 5 1

Player options

After the initial set up, each player gets to place 9 armies/navies and 1 tank, to any friendly territory. The players also can allocate 9 extra resources between the various resource types. To do this, players enter the desired amounts into the Mineral and Oil boxes, and Grain will auto-fill with the remaining units. Orders are confirmed by pressing the process button. When the last player submits their orders, the game proper begins.