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Territory defense status

Each territory friendly to a Superpower must have a state of alert. This determines whether the territory will

 - Defend - expend resources for an extra defence die 
 - Resist - no resources spent, no extra die 
 - Surrender - territory including armies and companies is handed over to the attacker. NO TERRITORY WILL SURRENDER TO A COASTAL BOMBARDMENT. 

This screen is also used to determine whether the defender will try and destroy tanks before armies, and which other superpower can move through your territory. You MUST press SUBMIT after making changes to this screen, otherwise no changes are saved.

    • Attack Tanks**

Land territories have the choice of removing Tanks or Armies first when they are attacked, as specified in this setting.

    • Right of Passage**

Right of Passage give you the ability to allow another Superpower to move through your territory. The Superpower can still chose to attack that territory, and then combat is dealt with as normal. When Right of Passage is given to a Sea territory, the superpower can not unload troops from the territory using either amphibious assaults or transportation. Territories which have Right of Passage will appear with (*) added to the name for Superpowers moving through them.