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Defeating a Superpower

A Superpower is defeated if they no longer control any of their territories after phase processing and there are no redeploys or retaliations outstanding. This can happen any time (because of Fortuna), but is most likely in the attack phase.

When a Superpower is removed from the game, its resources, strategic weapons, cash and storage will be spread between the powers occupying its home territories. The split will be made proportionally depending on the number of territories occupied by each conquering Superpower, with fractions rounded down. Nuked and neutroned territories not counted.

Non-home territories will be split randomly between the conquering Superpowers. The chance to turn to any of the conquering Superpowers will be based on the number of home territories conquered, including nuked/neutroned territories, plus 1 chance that the territory will go neutral.

e.g. Africa is conquered by Europe, North America, Russia and South America. At the end of the turn, Africa only had one territory left - Arabia. Each of the Superpowers has a 20% chance of getting Arabia, and there is a 20% chance that it will revolt, and be run by a Warlord.

When forces are inherited in this way it is possible to exceed the maximum for tanks and troops, i.e. 5 tanks, 5 boomers and 3 times grain storage. However, it will not be possible to build further troops above the usual maximums.

Technology advances are lost and will not be taken by the conquerors.